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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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660 positions, including some teaching jobs be will be eliminated because of budget cuts and enrollment shifts, part of an annual redistribution of jobs. under the teachers's old contract, excessing was handled on a seniority basis. however, under the new contract, they can be laid off based on performance as well. more than 300 people are in shelters because of flooding in memphis. the mississippi river crested overnight and reached levels not since since the 1930s. high water is causing evacuations from tennessee to louisiana. nbc's jay gray shows us the damage. >> reporter: the mississippi has reached its peak in memphis, cresting at a 48 feet. >> try to keep people safe, keep them patient, give them the assistance they need. and because this is going to be
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with us for another few weeks. >> reporter: at least two weeks of homes filled with water instead of families, businesses submerged, frightening images for those down river. >> it's coming fast. >> reporter: in vicksburg, mississippi, that water is already beginning to swallow homes as it continues to move in. >> put it on high ground. >> reporter: many are being forced to move out and up to higher ground. but in louisiana, where most of this water will ultimately end up, higher ground is hard to find. the army corps of engineers opened 28 of the 350 gates on the spillway diverting some of the water into lake pontchartrain, hoping to ease some of the pressure on the swollen river, and tensions for those still in its path. jay gray, nbc news, memphis. and tom has joined us here now to talk about the weather.
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boy, they are really getting it. will that flooding likely end up in new orleans? >> eventually, yeah. it's all going downstream. today a few scattered showers in the mississippi basin thankfully. most of the run-off from the april rains and the snow melt. well, we are off to a clear start this morning. we've got a beautiful start to the day. but it's chilly in the suburbs and rural areas. down into the 40s in many locations. right now 55 at reagan national. mid-50s near the chesapeake bay. away from the waters on the eastern shore right now near 50 degrees. and a chilly morning in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. it's down near 40 there. and we have a mostly clear sky. however, there are some clouds beginning to move from the midwest. a few sprinkles showing up in west virginia. that should stay to our west. the sprinkle activity. clouds coming through. looks like a partly cloudy day today. temperatures climbing to the mid-70s. looks like the pattern will stay dry through the end of the week.
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let's check traffic this morning. jerry, good morning. how's it looking? good morning. good morning, everyone. a lot of overnight construction. a lot of it still in place. interstate 66 westbound, out of boston towards falls church, again this morning, same drills as we have seen for multiple days. westbound only one travel lane is open. we'll keep a watch on that. typically it's out of the roadway by 6:00. no concerns beltway all the way into town. over on the beltway around central avenue, overnight road work. no concerns. new york avenue, watch out for the work zone headed east. jerry, thank you. new from overnight, trees fell in northwest washington. broadbranch road and davenport street has been closed while workers remove the trees from the roadways. no word what caused the trees to topple over. no one was injured. the u.s. government is
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learning very valuable information from the hard drives and videos taken from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. code names reveal important connections in the al qaeda network. that could ultimately unravel the terror organization. a team of u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s captured and killed bin laden. the u.s. was prepared. there were enough people involved in the operation to fight pakistan's army if necessary. pakistan's government said it will allow american agents to interview bin laden's three wives. they have been in pakistani custody since that raid. investigators have also learned bin laden was planning to attack the u.s. rail system later this year. now they are calling for a no-ride list similar to that of airplan airplanes. more of what this could mean for amtrak travelers.
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apparently do not have that story from john schriven. we will get that to you. a series of nato air strikes hit at least four targets in the city. this is some of the heaviest nato bombing in weeks. heavy fighting was reported yesterday near a rebel-held town. the rebels now control most of eastern libya and gadhafi most of the west. today immigration will be the focus of president obama's agenda. he's scheduled to travel to el paso, texas on the importance of fixing a broken immigration system. he will impose improvements i believe so will help economic and security needs. martin o'malley is to sign the dream act today granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants as long as their
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parents pay taxes. they are circulating a petition to suspend the dream act and force a statewide vote on the issue next year. a state delegate has threatened to sue. it will be legal to buy wine directly from wholesalers out of state. it will allow wineries to ship directly to households. maryland will become the 38th state to buy wine from wineries. the council will address the budget request of the police department and the fire and rescue service. they will also look into montgomery college's 2012 budget. this afternoon the council will consider several changes to transportation fees proposed by ike leggett, including hikes in garage and parking lot fees in bethesda and silver spring. we should know within the next hour if you'll find more signs of relief at the pump today. they dropped to a national average of $3.96.
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d.c., $4.12. regular is $3.97 in maryland. in virginia, prices are hovering around $3.87. virginia, you're paying $4.10 a gallon. they could drop by as much as 50 cents by june. our time 4:36. one of the best known power couples in the country is separating after 25 years. plug, aggie turned top terp. what he says about making the ♪
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aw, poor little pooch. sometimes you just want to play. one persistent dog in england wouldn't take no for an answer. this guy tried and tried to get a bronze statue to throw a stick for him. but the dog never caught on that that guy on the bench just wasn't interested. the video has become the newest sensation on youtube. poor little pooch. >> i think the guy on the bench is a jerk. just scratch him behind his ears. >> dogs are so funny. very cute. tom, more nice weather. feels like a meteorologist out
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in l.a. >> yeah, or phoenix. we have a good morning to walk a dog. on the cool side. a bit cooler than yesterday morning at the same time under a clear side. right now down into the 40s throughout much of the region. closer to washington it's near 50 in parts of prince george's, southern montgomery and arlington. fairfax in the 40s, as is much of virginia. southern maryland, away from the bay. right on the bay it's in the mid-50s. and we've got a clear sky over the washington monument right now. our sunrise is right about 6:00 this morning. by 9:00, we'll have clouds in and out. looks like a partly cloudy day coming up. and temperatures by noon time near 70. by midafternoon, we should peak in the mid-70s. by 5:00, back to the low 70s. here's night planner. we'll have a partly cloudy evening. 60s through the evening. by dawn, probably not as chilly as this morning. we'll start off wednesday in the low and mid-50s. a look at the end of the week
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and changes for the weekend. that will be coming up in about 10 minutes at 4:51. now, gentlemenry, how is the traffic? >> tom, overnight road work on the 270 corridor. we'll start with springfield. this is i-95 in virginia at the springfield interchange. had some ramps that were closed in the overnight hours. right now you should find lanes open. i-270, germantown, gaithersburg, rockville, no concerns there. one more stapp. looking good all in all around the area. 14th street bridge. outbound moving along nicely. >> jerry, thank you. 4:42. 58 degrees. . for the first time this morning we're hearing from the new head basketball coach at maryland. and next, no
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welcome back at 4:44. former california governor armed schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver are separating. they decided to live apart after 25 years of marriage. the los angeles times reports shriver moved out of their home a couple weeks ago. the couple says,ing quote, this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. after a great deal of thought, reflection and prayer, we came to this decision together. we are living apart as we work on the future of our relationship. the couple has four children. now to decision 2010. newt gingrich is expected to announce his race for the republican presidential nomination this week. he will make that announcement tomorrow via twitter and facebook. his first speech as a presidential candidate will be friday to the georgia republican party convention. in the day ahead, a federal
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appeals court panel will hear a legal challenge to president obama's health care law. it mandates virtually all americans to buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty to lower courts offer contradictory rulings. one side with a lawsuit filed by ken kaoufp nellie saying congress overstepped its authority by penalizing those who don't buy health insurance. the key part of the law is set to begin in 2014. the top republican in congress is making a new demand to cut trillions of dollars in spending. house speaker john boehner told the economic hub of new york city last night there are tough choices to be made but they do not include raising taxes. he said any legislation to raise the nation's debt limit beyond its cap should be accompanied by spending cuts larger than any increase. and the house speaker will be on the "today" show to talk more about this and the kill of osama
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bin laden later this morning at 7:00 a.m. >> in the day ahead, a congressional panel will look into internet privacy on smartphones and tablets. a hidden file was found in the iphone and ipad that can track everything you do. that makes it easy for someone trying to steal your identity to know where you shop and find your credit card numbers. representatives from apple and google are expected to testify. a d.c. woman is among the victims of a series of gruesome murders. it could be the work of the so-called long island serial killer. they identified the hands and skull of jessica taylor. she was a 20-year-old who moved from d.c. to to new york and worked as a prostitute. her remains have been among several discovered among long island beaches since december. there could be as many as three killers responsible for these deaths. a middle school teacher in prince william county is accused of touching a student
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inappropriately. lawrence lieu kety is charged with aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties. a 12-year-old student came forward friday and said the 33-year-old teacher touched her sexually. school officials notified parents of the accusation. osama bin laden was planning to attack the u.s. rail system later this year. no a senator is calling for a no-ride list similar to those of airplanes. >> reporter: she frequently travels to new york with her bad knee. she doesn't like dealing with security patdowns. the passengers we spoke with at union station said they prefer riding the rails because the security screening process can be as simple as -- >> generally just checking the ticket when i go on. >> reporter: but after the
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attack on osama bin laden's compound, chuck schumer is call for more security including a no-ride list. >> the latest intelligence should come as a wakeup call. >> reporter: amtrak says it already has numerous security measures in place. some are visible like bomb-sniffing dogs or random bag checks. others are behind the scenes. in response, amtrak says, quote, all counter measures add value in creating an overall security posture in protecting a rail system. it would, however, have to be developed in close coordination with the transportation security administration and implemented in a way that respects civil rights and allows for the rapid flow of persons and trains necessary for mass transit. assistant professor who is an expert on terrorism says it won't be easy to implement. >> to do that without having --
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you're going to have to hire a significant number of new people to do the security screening at our train stations. we can't just ask the existing amtrak personnel to do this. >> many passengers say they already feel secure. >> everybody does a wonderful job. maryland basketball fans can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. the terps have a new head coach for men's basketball. former a&m coach will head to college park to take the reigns. 46-year-old turgeon led to the ncaa tournament each of the past four seasons and won back-to-back big 12 coach of the year honors. he is happy for his replacement but turgeon said it is a tough decision. >> it's the hardest decision i ever had to make. marriage was easy. i knew i was in love. going to wichita state was easy.
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going to a&m was an easy choice. today was one of the hardest choice i've had to make because of the young men in that room. >> turgeon will be officially introduced tomorrow at noon at the comcast center. knowing terps fans he will get a hardy welme. >> i'm sure he will. >> i'm sure they're sad to see him go. george washington universitien troe duesed their head coach. you grew up in buoy and said coaching at g.w. is his dream. apparently not that difficult a decision for him. he played and coached at catholic university and was also an assistant under gary williams of maryland. he spent the past six years head coach of vermont where he accumulated a record of 126 and 68. >> wizards won't look the same next year but it has nothing to do with the players. today the team will unveil their updated brand including new colors, red, white, blue.
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it has been a priority since he took over. >> are they going to change the name of the team? >> i don't think so. maybe that will put some energy in the team or something. >> i think so. >> my goodness. all right, tom, no complaints about the weather at all. >> i saw a lot of people out working their yards yesterday. great day for outdoor construction work or outdoor painting. dry weather in place for the next several days. if you have any outdoor projects you've been putting off this is a good week to do it. if you're visiting washington, what a wonderful week to visit. off to a cool start. down to 55 at reagan national. prince george's, upper 40s as is also now in fairfax and arlington and montgomery county. northern montgomery countys into the 40s. much of loudon and frederick county. as is the panhandle of virginia.
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st. mary's in the 40s and 50s. right on the water, mid-50s. much of central virginia, stafford, prince william, culpepper, they're down into the 40s this morning. weather watchers reporting only near 40 in western maryland, much of northern west virginia. and it's in the low 50s to mid-50s throughout the rest of virginia thanks to high pressure that's over us. upper level flow tapping a little bit of moisture off the great lakes or a few sprinkles in west virginia. we'll have some clouds moving in. right now we are off to a clear start this morning. there's the live view from our city camera. our sunrise is a little past 6:00. by 9:00, we'll be in the low 60s with partly cloudy sky. partly cloudy the rest of the afternoon. highs reaching low and mid-70s with low humidity. overnight tonight partly cloudy. in the 60s through the evening. by dawn, low 50s starting off wednesday morning. during the day tomorrow,
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probably more sun than today. highs reaching upper 70s. partly cloudy thursday and friday. highs mid-70s both days. morning lows, low to mid-50s. a small chance of a thundershower. a greater chance for some occasional showers saturday, sunday and monday. highs in the low 70s each day. morning lows in the upper 50s. so a big pattern change getting wet for the weekend. check the weather any time weather channel on cable. now let's check traffic. how is it looking, jerry? >> weather not a concern this morning. clear, dry road surface. southeast washington it's a fine commute to the anacostia. 295, south capital straoerbgts pennsylvania avenue. good to go all the way to the sousa bridge up to capitol hill if you're headed that direction. trip to the beltway north of town. inner loop. that's the outer loop. i-95 and 355 no early issues to impede the flow. both directions arlington
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boulevard a-okay so far. >> jerry, thanks a lot. ray lahood may be getting involved in the debate over the dulles rail project. many virginia officials, including bob mcdonald are upset because the price tag soared from $2.5 billion to $3.8 billion. originally an above ground station was to be built but the washington airport authority approved an underground station. according to the washington examiner, lahood is looking to step in to resolve the conflict between the two sides. sony hopes to have its online gaming network fully restored by the end of this month. playstation network has been down since april 20th following two massive data breaches affecting 100 million users, birthdays, e-mail addresses and other information was part of the data that was hacked. a local sheriff just received one of the food world's biggest honors. jose andres was named the most
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outstanding chef at the james beard foundation. he lives in bethesda and has been praised for a string of successful restaurants across the country. they include zatina, cafe atlantico and mini bar. he lobbied on school lunch standards, hunger and childhood obesity. >> congratulations. >> i'm still waiting to eat at mini bar. you have to make a reservation three months in advance. all right. it is now 4:56, 57 degrees. coming up, the invasion that has fairfax county stumped. also, what good news toyota received overnight. and what police are saying about an unusual case
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. police found an ambulance on fire behind the p.h. harris on third street southeast. bricks were thrown through windows of two other vehicles. these are surplus vehicles not being used by the fire department currently. but the damage means thousands of dollars last in vehicle parts. a mysterious tick discovery. it is called the gulf coast tick. several were found off


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